• Alternative: 今夜は月が綺麗ですが、とりあえず死ね
  • Author: Sakakibara, Sousou (Art), Kaname, Majuro (Story)
  • Published: Apr 20, 2015 to ?
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: , , , , , ,
  • Serialization: Shounen Magazine R
  • Score: 7.32

Konya wa Tsuki ga Kirei desu ga, Toriaezu Shine

Love filled with murderous intent—

When Kamishiro Taku met his unrequited love Hanazono Mika, he saw a vision where he tried to murder her by stabbing her throat with an umbrella. In a harsh and cruel world he lives in, will his defiance bring him hope or despair?

(Source: MU)

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